Gustavian Planters

A hand made premium planter, designed by Gustaf Elfström

Our Story

The planter originated in the 1600s during Ludvig the 14th regime and was made exclusively for Versailles.
The planter was built and used to grow and prosper orange trees, hence the origin name Bac dórange.
The unique structure with the planter standing on feet, was used for the Royal gardeners to carry the oranges when ripe.
The Gustavian planter is a modern version of a Bac D’orange entirely inspired by the Gustavian epoque.
The planter is designed and made in Sweden by the interior designer Gustaf Elfström.
Gustafs vision is to embrace the Gustavian era and merge it into a modern deisgned “Bac” with an eclectic use but a look that is still classic yet modern
with the vision of having the Gustavian design still blossom in the 21st century.


Q: What is the delivery time?
A: From your order is payed and confirmed it takes approximately 6 weeks for the planter to be manufactured and delivered.

Q: How does your subscription (PaaS) work?
A: Our subscription of planters works as following: You make your order, we manufacture and install the planter (with or without plants) and if you order plants we offer maintenance all year around for a fixed monthly fee.

Q: How can you guarantee that the plants for your subscription service look good?
A: Our local plant artisans will check up on your plants on a weekly or every second week basis depending on what type of plant and environment it’s located in. If they notice any problems with the plant they will act upon it as soon as possible and if necessary they will replace the plant within 3 business days. 

Q: How are the planters made?
A: Our design team have together with our beloved Swedish carpentry refined the whole process from design to delivery which creates a beautiful experience from beginning to end.


If a Swedish planter was designed and created during the Gustavian era this is what it would have looked like.

– Gustaf Elfström